A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Flats/Apartment/ Villas in Mumbai, SAFELY – Part 1

A beginner’s guide to buying flats/Apartment/ Villas. Read how to ensure a zero issue investmentHow do you buy vegetables in a local farmer’s market? If you are anything like me (that’s normal human being), you must consider the quality and affordability as core deciders. Someone offering better vegetables at an outright low price than his neighborhood sellers must be your ideal vendor.

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But do we apply the same logic and buying instinct before buying a flat, despite it costs us one of the life’s great deals of savings? I won’t doubt if you say you do, but do you really focus on the details? Tracing cases of buying disputes are common.

Recently, the residents of Campa Cola paid the price of builder’s fault. The compound had extra flats constructed without necessary documents and permission from the municipality. Sadly, the last surviving builder of the flats died recently, multiplying to the woes of the residents.

The case throws ample light on being an informed flat buyer in any places; Mumbai is not exceptionally the focal point. With this brief guide, we present to you some insightful tips you should always and anyways consider before purchasing a flat; whether it is a property in Mumbai, or just anywhere else in India!

First things first, it is good to know about a proposed flat in a brochure. But don’t let it be a judgmental factor. The impressive image shown in a brochure could be different than actuality.

Visit the site in person, learn about the details in writing (not scrap paper), ensure your investment is safe, and research the facilities and amenities. When you think you are on a buying stage, do a background check on the builder? Invest being legally safe!

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That’s quite a lot of information briefed. Let’s understand the points – We will cover the aspects in the next article of buying a flats/Apartment/ Villas. We will come soon to give you new ideas for Property in next Article.

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