Altering Trends of Delhi Property

Today we are going to discuss property trend of Delhi. There were times when Delhi was considered as the real estate hot spot of the country. Besides being the capital of the nation, Delhi has always attracted people because of:

  • Its various exponential business and employment opportunities,
  • Fast implementation of social-economic development policies,
  • Industrial development projects,
  • Accessibility to transportation amenities and
  • Ease of Worldwide connectivity.

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But with time all these captivating features seems to fade away. Gone are the days when property market of Delhi uses to enjoy high absorption index. In last few years, the property graph of Delhi has witness high saturation levels. Property buyers and investors have now started looking out for other property options other than just Delhi.

The high inflation rate, poor economic development, high borrowing rates, poor infrastructure planning are few factors that led to the stagnant growth of real estate industry in Delhi.

Besides all these factors, it is also the fast and furious development of NCR regions around Delhi that has altered the choices of property seekers. If sources are to be believed then in last few years it is the regions of Noida and Gurgaon that has enjoyed the premium property investments.

However, the year 2015 promises to boost up the property market of Delhi again. The formation of new and stable government at the center, new norms and regulations of RBI, new land and property policies and reforms seems to boost properties in Delhi again.

The high-rise demand of properties in Delhi can be projected from the fact that developers and builders have already started focusing on completion of ready-to-live-in projects before starting the new ones.

After experiencing the muted season for last 2-3 years, the property is Delhi seems to enjoy its credibility again. With the upcoming range of affordable housing projects, even resale projects seem to offer great value for money proposition to the potential property seekers. And now is the time when even the outskirts of Delhi NCR regions like Neemrana, Manesar, Alwar, and Kotputli are enjoying the attention of many property seekers and investors.

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The premium highway facility on these nodes offers easy accessibility and good connectivity to the owners there. Moreover, massive expansion of industrial development in these areas is making these regions next hot spot for residential real estate projects.

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