Amazing Growth in Indian E-Commerce Business

The growth seen by e-commerce industry in India is simply phenomenal. India is now one of the hottest destinations for investors in e-commerce. Global companies like Amazon has already invested in the Indian market and more will follow soon.

A lot of funds from foreign investors is finding its way in e-commerce companies. E-commerce sale has found inroads even into smaller cities and towns becoming the fancy of the Indian customers. It has led to ample scope of growth in warehousing infrastructure required by the e-commerce and logistics companies.

India is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in Asia-Pacific whose revenue is growing at 60-70% annually, according to Gartner Inc. The industry will require strong back-end support in the form of logistics and warehousing.

The warehousing infrastructure is poised to face what the earlier malls have to undergo. The vacancy in the malls designed in old style and poor design is witnessing vacancy at 20% compared to 10% in newly built malls. Similarly, the big companies will go for modern warehouses instead of existing older warehouses.

The market may witness the development of warehouses keeping in mind the specific requirement of the big e-commerce companies. It is being assumed that most of the modern warehouses will be developed either in collaboration with e-commerce companies or for specific companies who are looking for a long-term partnership.

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The scope for new and modern warehouses will soon become imminent as the existing warehouses lack in features to support modern e-commerce business and grow along with them. People looking for bigger investment can consider investing in warehousing and logistics infrastructure developments to earn good returns in future.To know more please visit our website

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