Are Satellite Cities The Need For Emerging India?

Population in any country is a double-edged sword. It has it benefits as well as pitfalls. Major brunt of the immense population is affecting the backbone of the larger cities. Most of the population from villages and small town are migrating to the bigger cities for a better life. This phenomenon is affecting the city life and its resources. Most of the cities have become densely crowded and efficiently managing the civic amenities has become very difficult for the local bodies and government.

The worst effect is on the price of the properties which have skyrocketed. Developing and focusing on satellite cities can help a great deal in decongesting the cities.

Satellite cities or towns are small sized planned cities next to the larger cities. Usually, they are 30 minutes to an hour’s journey from the cities. They are very distinct from suburbs which exist on the outskirts of the big cities as they are developed by developers in a planned way, unlike suburbs which grow on its own and are a mere extension of the big cities.

The satellite cities are self-contained in terms of having their own municipality and sufficient jobs for supporting their people. They have all the basic facilities which can be found in cities such as schools, markets, shopping malls and entertainment centers.

Satellite cities are the future of a well-designed urban inhabitation. They are developed by developers according to the meticulous plans to serve business needs. Hence, they are self-sufficient in most of the ways. They will play a big role in lessening the population burden of the big cities so that the government can develop the big cities more efficiently.


However, satellite cities seem to be attracting only a certain class of people who can afford to buy the property here. This puts a question mark on its ability to help decongest big cities.

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