Beginners Guide To Buying an Apartment Part 1

In this issue we solve a question – “I am to buy a flat for which the builder has asked me to pay a certain portion of the total amount projected, once I pay the builder will write an agreement and based on which I can get a loan. I fear any cheat from the builder.

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What if he rejects to agree or change the agreement after getting the amount? Please advise” – This is a forum question we received. And we are trying to solve the question in the blog

Do not pay the builder any money without being sure about it. There’s no issue paying to a reputed builder which has a good image and does work legally. But if you are paying for a new builder, be cautious. So, do your research on the builder and make sure your money is going to the right builder, not a cheater

You need to follow up the terms and conditions. Before you pay, it is important to ask the builder which content will carry it. After paying, take originals with you with signature and make sure it is a legal document.

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So, it is important for you to stay safe and rely on a builder that abides by legal process. Do your research and ensure legalities are done.

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