DDA To Allot New Flats Mostly Single Bedroom Unit

Need a home in Delhi? This time DDA has announced its project to launch a good number of flats for lower income group. We are covering two standalone blogs to inform you of the news.

DDA; short for Delhi Development Authority; has introduced a new housing scheme for 2014. It is to offer a set of new flats amounting to number 25.000 – mostly single bedroom unit. If you have been thinking to own your own flat in Delhi, this is the news for you!

About the flats –

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DDA is going to offer a set of above 25.000 flats. Of the total 25,034 flats, 22,627 will be two-room sets with one bedroom and a drawing room.

The price begins from Rs 14 to 22 lakhs. The flats come as a relief for people who need to relocate to Delhi. Information about the flats, application procedures and information on how to apply, read PropKnack.

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