How Not To Hire A Developer Who You Think Is Fishy

A Property developer who is fishy is easy to get recognized, the developer would try to cite irrational excuses on established queries. The property developer would not disclose actual terms and condition of flat or residential apartments in Delhi or wherever you want to buy a property.

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The developer would not negotiate on price. Rather, cite irrational reasons to hike it. You should stay away from such developers. No, how to identify if your developer is good and that he is not going to be fishy. Read on our checklist

1. A property developer needs to be legally registered. Do not hesitate to ask for information about his work and license. If he maintains an office, ask where it is. Concluding a deal on the Internet is not a good idea since you do not actually know if it is the developer you are talking to

2. A good property developer needs to have a professional website. But wait, anyone can establish a website. So, check out the recommendations and reviews the developer receives. Do not hesitate to ask the property developer to cite testimonial of a client

3. A good property developer would not hesitate to furnish latest and verified fact about a property. A good property developer is a person who maintains professional balance and not charges you anything he has not actually served.

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So, to ensure that a property developer is honest and that it maintains a trusted portfolio of work and never trying to provide a fishy solution, you should hire the services of a professional firm or contact developers from websites that provide property developer information. At Propknack, you can actually compare between information and listing on a property.

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