How To Ensure Your Property Developer Is Cool and Not Fooling You

Post cases of Mumbai’s posh Campa Cola apartment and other dissimilar but related cases of frauds by property developers, it has actually become evident that consumers need to be informed about their rights before actually stopping to buy property.

If a consumer buys a certain property without being informed of its rights, chances are there is very few chance of it to get recovered in terms of investment and fortune. This is a brief blog covering some important aspects of how you can ensure your property investment is safe and that a developer whom you choose as your property consultant is worth your trust.

Before counting on the claims by a developer, it is important that you do a research on the factual and literal information about the developer. A good property developer would have its own fats ready to hand out to people enquiring about it.

Besides, it should maintain its own website so that its information is virtually available. A good property developer would have a brochure for offline distribution so that people enquiring about its business can access factual facts. The property developer should have a trusted portfolio of served clients who if contacted can provide you with information and feedback.


These are some of the vital facts you can mull over before choosing a property developer. A good property investment need o be compared to its stability and consequence. To learn about the Finance, Insurance updates, you can visit

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