How To Spot A Good PG In Delhi

It is a big reality that finding a good PG in a city like Delhi is not an easy task and surely many of us will agree to this fact. Here are lots of options to choose from and one needs a good eye that can figure out if the environment of the PG suits to his personal and individual requirements or not.

Here we are discussing few points which can help any person in locating a PG or hotel in Delhi as per his/her requisition. Take a look:

Top 7 Tips To Find Good PG

1. Not to choose the cheapest one: Being rational by nature, every person wants to get the best value for money proposition. Thus he looks for the deal that suits best to his pocket. And in an urge to save more many a times he ends up with a deal that is not only cheap, terrible and filthy but can prove to be uncomfortable to stay.

2. Security and privacy: It is sometimes difficult to find a PG that can offer both i.e. full security and full privacy. It is always recommended to opt for a P.G that offers the best of security and privacy services.

3. Check out the time constraints: Most of the PGs have standard or pre-determined check-in and check-out timings that may or may not suit your routine schedule. Thus, it is always advisable to ask for timings constraints and flexibility in it before finalizing a PG.

4. Meal facilities: A person searching for a good PG should also keep a check of the food service of that place. The quality and quantity of food, as well as time to be served, are important aspects that are to be considered.

5. Sanitation and hygiene: Before you finalize your PG for stay always remember to check the cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene of a place. Some of the basic things that are to be checked are cleaned rooms, changing of bed sheets, laundry facility, kitchen hygiene, cleaning of toilets and bathrooms, common area, lobby, and automation.

6. Near to civil amenities: A good PG is one that is near to all the basic amenities such as a hospital, grocery stores and public transport facilities like bus stand or metro station.

7. Take your time: It is advisable to not to pay the security money right away after finalizing a P.G. You can always ask the owner to experience a trial stay before finalizing your decision. And once you feel satisfied with the environment and amenities, you can go ahead with depositing the security amount.


These all are the tips to find good PG as per your need. If you are trying to take PG then must follow these tips.

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