Is The Site of Termites at Home Scaring You?

Termites are the nature’s recycling agent converting dead wood into reusable nutrients. But the same creatures create havoc in the house by their mere presence. They are known for destroying wooden furniture and wooden structures of the home.

They can be found in the tiniest of the places as their minute size allows them free entry and exit. The presence of termites can be detected by the presence of small holes in the wood-work like furniture, shelves, cabinets, doors etc. When they start eating the wood, they leave behind powdery substance. They also create mud tubes on the walls, joints and window sills. During swarming, they shed their wings which can be found in large number around the house.

Tips to control Termite

Termite prevention measures should be taken before starting the construction of the house. It involves getting the area and the soil to be treated for existing termites and preventing their future buildup. Services of a reputed pest management company should be taken.

Basement is one is where the subterranean termites attack the very foundation of the house making them vulnerable to collapse in future. The soil of the ground on which the foundation has to be raised must be cleaned from all the decaying wood and tree roots. Keep the construction area clean.

Presence of damp material and wood invite termites. The foundation should be crack free or they must be capped with concrete. There should be feet of concrete between the soil and the wooden beams. Use of sand as a barrier has been found to be effective in preventing termite entry.

Termite resistant materials should be used for constructing a house and preference given above wood. Wood to be used must be applied with boric acid to make it termite resistant.

Inside the house, damp materials should be avoided. The house should be well ventilated and cramped space should be avoided. Wooden furniture must have a metal platform or must be placed high above the ground. Water should not be allowed to accumulate near the house. Always keep an eye for termites and get the house checked regularly for termites.To know more visit  Propknack

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