Making and Using Compost Helps The Household In Various Ways

Growing awareness of green and healthy living has encouraged a lot of people to take up gardening as a hobby. Gardening not only is good time pass but also calms the mind. People are also growing vegetables in their garden so that they reduce their dependency on inorganically produced vegetables.

Compost serves as the best option to enrich the soil organically. Using compost helps in keeping the plants and vegetables away from the negative impact of chemical fertilizers. Compost can very easily be made in the home. There is the host of benefits derived from composting in your home.

It is the simplest way to enrich your garden soil by adding nutrient-rich humus and is also good for the environment. Compost is good for the environment as it acts as an alternative to the chemical fertilizers. Microscopic organism helps to aerate the soil and break down organic materials to be used by the plants.

This helps in the growth of the plants and also keeps them away from any disease. Natural waste and kitchen garbage can be used for creating compost. This reduces the amount of waste moving out of the kitchen to a significant level. Composting also helps to reduce landfill waste. It has been found that one-third of the landfill waste is compostable materials.

Most of the kitchen waste can be used to create compost in your backyard or garden area. However, meat, bones, and fish should be avoided as they will attract pets that can dig out your composting materials. Perennial weeds must be avoided as they might grow and spread in the compost.

Diseased plants should not be mixed in compost as it will affect the quality of the compost and can spread the disease to other plants on which the compost will be used.


There are many ways in which compost can be created and they are very simple to be followed. Such information is readily available in any related site or in gardening books.

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