PG Selection Tips: Things To Be Considered

Finding a PG accommodation in an unknown city seemed to be the scariest job on earth a few years back. But the growth prospects in PG accommodation has lead to coming up of many online portals which help in finding a PG with ease.

The intense competition among such property portals makes them a reliable source. One can visit such portals and check for what is available in the preferred location within your budget. You can also post your requirement which will be taken up and processed in the shortest span of time.

Even though these portals are gaining the trust of the people, they will have to undergo traditional ways also. It is very essential that one must meet the owner of the PG and discuss your requirement and express your expectations on PG accommodation. There are several factors to be considered before finalizing a PG.

PG accommodations are usually favored by students who have migrated to new cities for the purpose of continuing their education and a PG provides a good environment and a group of similar students. Since

Since the study is the prime concern, one must visit and check the environment of the PG and see if it is conducive to your study. Meet the owner to get to know him. Also, take feedback from existing students and make sure that the landlord is not a nuisance who creates problems in the PG.

The PG should not be very far from college and coaching centers so that valuable study time does not get wasted in traveling from PG to college and back. The PG should have the basic infrastructure in the close range including transport, medical services, and shops for daily needs.

Do not sign the rental agreement in a hurry to secure a room in the PG. Many PG owners tend to do so by making a false claim of room shortage in order to fill their PG quickly.

Read all the clauses carefully and understand the rent structure. It is important to inquire if the electricity and water bills are included in the rent. Many PGs try to make extra money by charging for electricity separately. Always ask for electricity bill in such case.

The student should understand the rules and regulation of the PG and see if they are comfortable with them. It is important to know if the PG allows visitors at night for stay and group studies and allow late night entry.


Also check the quality of service provided by the PG owner such as foods, laundry, press and recreational items for free time. Many PGs conduct various activities and events for recreational purpose and also to develop bonding between the know more visit our website

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