Tips When You Give Flat on Rent

Tips when you give flat on Rent

In India, there are so many people whose source of income comes from rentals. This is a benefit for a flat owner. For the flat owners, rentals help people to earn extra money. But many times, the flat owners find themselves in problematic situations.

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For being on the safe side land owners should always

  1. Do a Verification of tenant
    Verification is very necessary. Check the ID proof, permanent address, employment address, and other details of the person who come for rent. Always cross-check all the information.

  1. Lease Agreement: Always include all the necessary clauses within the rent agreement. There should be no discrepancies in the agreement. Clearly, mention the duration of the lease period as well as its expiry or renewable date. Also, include the details of the deposit and the period after which it shall be returned back.

  1. Ownership: Name of the landowner should be clearly mentioned in the agreement. An explicit mention will help you to avoid any future disagreements.

So, before you give a flat on rent, always keep all the terms and condition well recorded in a proper format and get signed by the tenant. To know more visit our website

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