Vastu Considerations That Constitute A Happy Family

When you design your home, literally your bedroom, dining room, drawing room, or hall, you should keep special consideration to ensure it complies with Vastu. Developing home, apartments or residential facility without necessarily thinking about Vastu leads to issues that make a living hell. So, proper Vastu is important to ensure your home is heaven.

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The tips to keep a home Vastu wise

  • How to stay a happy family
  • The king of God; Indra rules the east. So, keep your west areas of the home clean and neat
  • Have bold and clear words on name-plate. When you install, ensure it is installed at a person’s chest level
  • Keep paper in north-east direction to ensure that you get your work done without worry
  • Don’t keep cactus and prickly plants at a house
  • Never install water tank in south-west direction
  • Never keep useless and old stuff at a house

Vastu is important in order to ensure peace and tranquility at home. You can’t ensure a family that lives finely without necessarily considering Vastu.


Vastu is important to maintain in order to bring peace at home. Other factors of keeping a home according to Vastu – will cover in other articles. Meanwhile, if you wanted to buy Vastu homes you can click and compare the listings from here

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