Tips For New Buyers Before Purchasing A Commercial & Residential Property In Mumbai- Part 2

Learn about the property or real estate in India. It should not be under any legal disputes. The papers involved should clearly make sure that the builder has received the permission from the municipality. Insist on documents to verify. In doubt, visit local municipality

Know about the construction company. It is ideal if you research the company’s background. Flats constructed should be viable and the builder should be proud of a history of completing request on time. If you are moving to an existing flat, this option is not applicable, but these are costly.

The best way to stay legally safe is to learn about your flat. Don’t let claims your decisions. You should ask questions until you are assured of a safe real estate investment. If your builder is ignoring you, or you smell something fishy, move out. Good builders exist to better serve and cater to your query!

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Meanwhile, do wait for our next installment of the series in which we throw light on other factors you should consider before you settle to buy apartments in Mumbai. We will come soon to give you new ideas for Property in next Article or Blog post.

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