Find Property Through Google Maps

Find Property through Google Maps?

On our updated posting page, you can utilize Google Maps to find your property and afterward give its address. Our reconciliation with Google Maps is such that spotting and distinguishing your property is currently an easy breezy. We request that you give either the name of the venture your property is a piece of, the area where your property is arranged, or the location of your property.

When you have given the subtle elements, the guide consequently zooms down to the nearest point close to your property.

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This is the ways by which we do it

1) If we as of now have the undertaking project Details for your property, we repopulate the territory and deliver and take you to the accurate area of your property on the guide. Much of the time, the area is sufficiently exact for you to simply stamp it as right and proceed.

2) If we don’t have the task points of interest, you must select the region and give the complete location of your property. The guide zooms down to a point nearest to the location or to the territory you have determined. You can tweak the area, in this manner guaranteeing that the seekers become acquainted with the definite area of your property.

3) If we can’t place the area or the location, then we attempt to spot the property in light of different points of interest given. Then again, in the event that we are not able to find your property and, after it’s all said and done, you can zoom down on the guide and demonstrate the right area of the property.

You can communicate with the guide and guarantee that the area pin is directing precisely where your property is. Before changing the area of your property, we request your affirmation.

This is to guarantee that you have not changed the area by oversight. To know more visit


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