How To Shield Homes From Mobile Tower Radiation?

Progress is the essence of mankind but every progress comes at a cost. Mankind has to constantly pave its way between the benefits and hazards of the progress. Similarly, the benefits of all technological developments are bundled with its own disadvantages. Mobile has proved to be one of the revolutionary products of the century but it has its own drawbacks.

The radiation emanating from the mobile towers have an adverse impact on the health of the people. Houses near the mobile towers must be shielded from its radiation.

Initially, most of the mobile towers were situated in empty fields and away from residential areas. But the growth in the mobile industry requires more towers to be installed to provide better network connectivity to the customers.

Now, the towers are being installed not only in residential colonies but also on the rooftop of the buildings. It has come to this situation due to lack of land availability and it has become a source of additional income for the building owners.

Ideally, the mobile towers should be as far as possible from housing colonies. Safety measures must be taken to shield the houses if they are within a range of 500 meters from the mobile tower. Shielding the entire house can prove to be a very costly affair. So, screening must be done for areas or rooms which are high on radiation level or those where one spends most of his time.

People should spend more time in rooms with low reading for radiation. The glass panes of the windows must be coated with special window film to shield it against radiation. Shielding paints are available in the market which can be used to paint the walls, doors, and ceilings.


They are water-based and non-toxic in nature, hence very safe. Aluminum and lead sheets can also be used on walls to stop radiation in the house.

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