Old Notes payments accepted for essential utility bills till November 24

Old Notes payments accepted for essential utility bills till November 24

New Delhi:

Due to the latest demonetization scheme’s bank are struggling to deal with the huge rush and people continue to suffer at the front doors of the banks to get their minimum amount to meet their daily needs.

Keeping that in Mind, Government has held a late-night meeting, last night with all the senior ministers and the RBI higher officials to take some immediate plan of action to resolve the people worries from the demonetization scheme.

After the meeting government has extended the use of old currency Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes for paying the Utility bills like taxes, hospital bills and fees and purchase of the co-operative stores till November 24.

Economic secretary Shaktikanta Das has stated that “Currently, the government has given exemption to some category of transactions where people can utilize their old currency Rs 500 and Rs1000 to pay Utility bills.

And due to the convenience of the greater public, the government has extended the exemption from 14th November midnight to the 24th November midnight.

This Exemption of transaction includes the following categories like Hospital bills, Petrol Bunks, fees, charges and all the taxes which are payable to the central and state government including the municipal and local taxes along with House taxes, electricity bills, and water, etc.

After the fearless decision of withdrawing old currency Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes from the night of November 8-9, the government has allowed the use of the banned currency at some places like public hospitals, railway ticketing, airline tickets at the airport, milk booths, public transport, and petrol bunks for 72 hours.

The government has later expanded this list to include payments for metro rail tickets and toll taxes, and also the purchase of medicines on the doctor prescription from both the government and private pharmacies, LPG Gas Cylinders, railway catering, water, electricity bills and cemetery burial ground.

After that critical situation, banks has struggled to give an alternative currency, so the government has decided to extend the deadline for another 72 hours. And even that can’t resolve the problems as of now after the late night meeting the deadline was extended from the midnight of 14 November to the midnight of 24th November.

You can also use old currency for consumer co-operative stores like Kendriya Bhandar and Naval Canteens with Valid ID proof, and you can also pay court fees as well.

But Do Remember that payments towards the utility bills are strictly restricted to the individuals or households for pending and due payment. Advance payment are not allowed.

On Sunday evening, the Finance Ministry also announced the limit to exchange the old currency Rs 500 and Rs 1000 with the refreshing minted Rs 2000 and Rs 500 was increased from 4000 to 4500 per day and also the cash withdrawal limit at the ATMS was also increased from Rs 2000 to Rs 2500.

Now weekly limit of 20,000 for withdrawal from the bank accounts was hiked to Rs 24,000 and the Maximum limit of per day is Rs 10000 on such withdrawals was also dumped.


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