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Propknack online real estate market is a platform that brings together builders, brokers, dealers as well as interested buyers /sellers and helps them connect with each other. As an online media for real estate, PropKnack intends to bring for you the comprehensive property search criteria catering to the minutest priority along with the most significant one.Get real estate news,property updates,property trends,finance information and loan tips on the real estate website blog.

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Tips to choose a property website

How to choose a property website? A property website necessarily refers to a virtual storehouse of information that lets you compare from the predefined list of developers or consultants who would help you with or property searching mission. A good property website comes of value if you get to know…

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Budget is improving loan eco system

With new govt introduced new ways to get your choicest loan, you now can simplify your work by not availing anything that is beyond your work. As a consumer, you can opt for your choicest loan by working around loan guidance. Before working out with guide on how to get…

property consultant fraud

How to know your property consultant is not a fraud

  If you have read news that Real estate consultants are robbing off money from innocent property searchers, do not panic. With property industry scaling new heights of success, it is natural that the industry would be populated with frauds, and so you need to be cautious in dealing with…

nepal earthquake pictures

What a massive shock for Nepal teaches us

With aftershocks continue to rattle quake-hit Nepal, the land-locked country is crying for help and it has actually given it a scope to ponder about its future. Experts say the greatest of all quakes is about to come, and given the sensitive placement of India in seismic area, it requires…

real estate in india/real estate website

Real estate in India

Real estate in India is scaling new avenues. With the advent of the World Wide Web, you can now simplify the process of buying or opting for new home without having to compare MANUALLY. You can compare from reviews of real estate websites and you can choose yours after knowing…

real estate blogs in india

What affordable housing necessarily mean

Affordable housing is a cliché terms quite often used by property developers in the ads they post in media to lure in consumers. But technically, the term is vogue and has a set of strict legal definition. With this article, we cover what as a consumer you require to know…

home loan interest rates

Difference in Real estate loans and real estate service providers

Confuse in  Real estate loans and Real estate service providers. There is a functional difference between both service providers  as they both performing and helping in real estate market but there nature are different in working, real estate loan refer to financial term and real estate service providers are known…

Commercial real estate loans

Commercial loan lending

Commercial real estate loans are usually provided by commercial banks. The great commercial loans in the range of great amount are usually secured by shopping malls and office towers. The great amount of loans are usually given by corporate banks. Other than banks, commercial credit unions even provide commercial real…

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Indian property buyers are now opting for some improved range of variety of purchase trends. To go by latest reports of property trends, it is believed that consumers are opting for changed ideas and comparing from alternative techniques to compare and opt. Why property industry is paused for a change?…

real estate blogs and website in india

How to compare property price in India

Comparing property values depends on some important deciders, such as property fact comparison depend on how to know if your property consultant is of any values. Doing a comparison statistics means you can factually compare the property rates and depending on the values of a property rate you can factually…