How To Protect Your Home From Monsoon

How to protect your home from Monsoon?

Monsoon is one of the very interesting and many awaited periods of the year, once you feel the maximum connection to Nature, seeing the raindrops kissing the surface of the mom earth. However, that pleasure comes at a price; the wet period may cause damage to your building. Walls and the top are the most influenced places, but alongside it, it’s also advisable to bear in mind that the moist air could cause large injury on your accessories and furniture as well.

protect your home from mansoon

Homeowners must give interest to several important items before indulging in the preparation for a monsoon-ready house. Ahead of the rains set you back innumerable restoration prices; here we offer 10 recommendations which might allow you to take care of your house.

Tips to protect your home from Monsoon


Check always the top and terrace to see if there are any loss and cracks. In case there is any break, a water-resistant layer may be applied. Clean the rainwater pipes sometimes to make certain easy drainage of rainwater from the roof.

Wall Painting

It is important to color the surfaces of your dwelling in the most right manner. All outside painting work should be carried out before the arrival of monsoon. The option of the color is a must since it not merely protects the wall from downpours but in addition, stops the rain from seeping through the walls. Try to use water-resistant paints and the addition of a water sealant, which performs as a defensive layer on concrete walls.


Repaint metal-framed gates and windows to avoid rusting along with stop the rain from seeping nevertheless them. Wooden gates and windows enlarge up all through monsoon if they’re not precisely fixed. Call a carpenter before the wet period to correct them properly.

Electrical contacts

Get an electrician to test all electrical contacts and outside electric buttons to see if they’re exposed to rain. Protect them without any delay to avoid a likelihood of electric distress or short-circuit. Moreover, restoration all ruined electric wires for a better environment in the home all through a monsoon.


Install ventilators to suppress dampness in large humid places of your dwelling that would guarantee a humidity-free healthy environment.

Insect avoidance

Watch on bugs all through a monsoon. It’s not merely travels and mosquitoes, but termites, as well as ants, could cause damage to buildings. Adhere to some normal ways to eliminate them than using chemicals. An expert can help you.

Furniture care

Furniture and wooden finishes including cub boards and railings can get damp as well as injury as a result of infection or termite infest. Set camphor balls, Neem leaves or cloves in the cupboards and cabinets to protect inside outfits and other important goods from dampness. Ensure you clear them often with dried outfits or vacuum through the entire wet season.


Make sure that the drainage in the home or apartments checked in typical periods to avoid any prevents or overflows.

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