Feng Sui Tips For Your Home

Everybody wants to live in their dream home. People consult Vastu and Feng Shui experts to decorate their home and this is a growing trend. Feng Shui is an ancient art developed in China which teaches to balance the energy of the house or any space for good health and fortune. Feng is water and Shui is wind, which is associated with good health. Feng shui is based on the understanding of nature, that land is alive and filled with energy.

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Feng Sui: Home Tips

There are basic guidelines to create a good Feng Shui in the house or purchasing a house with good Feng Shui. To start with, the house should be made clutter free by removing the unwanted materials and objects. Clean the closet, basement, and garage on a regular basis. This will make the house look light and refreshing allowing positive energy to flow all around. Good quality of air and light is essential for positive energy.

The windows should be kept open for long for proper ventilation air and light. Good energy manifest well in clean space, good light, and fresh air.

The main entry of the house is very important in Feng Shui. It is through the main door that house absorbs good energy and circulates it to the whole house.

People in the house experience higher level of well-being if the good energy circulates in the whole house. Mirror facing the front door, bathroom ahead of the main entrance, staircase facing the main door or the front door aligned to the back door leads to easily escaping of good energy through back door or the staircase.

Placing the table in the center of the hall with a flower-filled vase, use of vibrant color or good artwork welcomes good energy.

The quality of Feng Shui energy in the home depends upon the strength of Feng Shui energy in the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

It should be made sure that nothing is blocking the flow of good energy through kitchen bathroom and bedroom.

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